Wednesday, 20 May 2015

2015 Summer Journey on the Waterways

Saturday 9th May

It was with mixed feelings that we left Hallingbury Marina on Saturday.  Excitement at setting off on this years summer jaunt and sadness at leaving the marina which has been home to Aylmer since we bought her back in 2011.  After our summer journey we will be mooring her in the Midlands, giving us new cruising opportunities.

We joined friends Tony & Teresa on nb Teezy and Martin & Karen on nb Aria who are to be our travelling companions for the summer.

Tony A, Teresa, Karen, Martin & Tony G
On Monday we took a short walk along the towpath, from our mooring at Waltham Common Lock, to the Lee Valley White Water Centre. We spent a pleasant hour or so sitting on the terrace with coffee & watching the German canoe team practising the slalom course.

Teresa,Karen, Jan.

We couldn't resist the podium!

Sav, Martin, Tony G, Tony A, Jan, Teresa, Karen & Briony

Tuesday afternoon we arrived in Limehouse and that evening went to The Grapes, a lovely old pub right on the river (literally, the waves lap against the cellar when the tide is up!). Sadly it's illustrious owner was not about. Briony, Martin & Karen's daughter, & her partner Sav joined us for a very enjoyable evening.

The following morning Mitch & Sarah joined us for a very sunny day through London on the Grand Union & Regents canals.

We made them work!

London can always be relied on for the weird, wonderful & simply BIZARRE!

After leaving Mitch & Sarah at Paddington Basin we set off to meet Aria & Teezy again on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union.

 These poor cormorants were waiting to be rescued by CRT (Canal & River Trust) after their feathers got clogged with oil. Apparently some moron had emptied gallons of used cooking oil down a road surface drain that fed into the canal. CRT had already spent two days syphoning off the oil & rescuing birds.

Aylmer & Aria at Bulls Bridge
 Thursday was a very wet & windy day but because of the oil spill we decided to make a move to the junction where the Paddington Arm meets the Grand Union proper at Bulls Bridge. There is a very convenient Tesco here with 24 hour mooring where we were able to stock up with supplies.

The 'Ricky' (Rickmansworth) Festival
On Friday we set off in mixed weather. Lovely when the sun was out but quite nippy when it clouded over. We had a long slow journey through the 'Ricky' Festival site. About 150 boats were already moored, some 3 & 4 abreast, ready for the festival which started on Saturday.
We managed to find a reasonable mooring just above Common Moor Lock where we were pleased to stop after a very long day.

We passed this boat last year. At that time the car was just sitting on the back, how strange we thought!   It has now been welded on. Not sure it looks any better or what the point of it is. Does the car steering wheel steer the boat? Love to know WHY!

Friday 15th May

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